Humans: the dominant race of the Realm. Humans generally think of themselves as the only “real” people of the world, the other races being more supernatural and otherworldly.

Humans have a +2 bonus to two ability scores of their choice.

Humans can pick either a bonus at-will power at first level, or the “dilettante” racial trait (described under “Half-elves” in the PHB).

Half-Elves: includes any human with a recognizable trace of fey blood. Called Hanner Sidhe (“hann-er shee”) by fae and sometimes changelings by humans. Their ancestors can be generations old, and can include elves, eladrin or gnomes. They are good at mingling with various races and cultures, but are somewhat excluded by both fey society and human society.

Half-elves have a +2 bonus to Charisma and a +2 bonus to one other ability score of their choice.

Half-elves can pick either the “dilettante” racial trait, or a bonus at-will power (as humans).

Eladrin: the nobles of the fey. Daoine Sidhe (“doo-na shee”) among their kind, the Fair Folk to mortals. Eladrin are more magical and otherworldly than any other of the common fey races. They hold little interest in mortal affairs.

Elves: much more worldly than their eladrin cousins. They call themselves the Tuatha de Danaan (“two-ah day don”), or Children of the Earth Mother. Their fleeting passions and connection to nature make them more involved in the world than most fey, but they are always unpredictable and seldom make long-term plans.

Halflings: though obviously fey in origin, they have lived among mortals long enough to be found anywhere. The cellwair (“sool-wahr”) have reckless curiosity.

Dwarves: legends say they were crafted from metal and stone of the earth. Fey call them meinedd (“mine-ed”), but dwarves have little or no association with most fey. They seem content to craft and dig, only occasionally mixing with mortals to trade.

Hobgoblins: humans or fey with goblin blood. Their appearance and personalities can vary widely depending on how much blood of each race flow through their veins. Most are athletic, suspicious, and value power over others. The anhardd (“anne-har”) are slow to be trusted by any race.

Hobgoblins have a +2 bonus to Dexterity and Constitution.

Hobgoblins have a +2 racial bonus to Intimidation and Stealth.

Hobgoblins have Darkvision.

Hobgoblin Resilience: Encounter Power, minor action. You gain an immediate saving throw against an effect.


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