Druids are the religious leaders, using their vast knowledge to advise kings and act as lawgivers. They worship the powers of nature. They view their “gods” as merely personifications of natural forces.

Danu is the mother of the earth and all the gods and races. She embodies the life-giving and beautiful side, as well as the merciless and dangerous side of nature.

The Dagda is the king of the fae, although he is lesser than Danu. He is called “the good god” because he is good (skilled) at all things. He represents spring, magic, and art.

Lug is the embodiment of the Sun. He led the battle to drive the Fomorians into the seas and underground, away from the land and light. He is the lord of summer and the giver of a bountiful harvest.

Cerdiwen is the moon goddess, known for her fickleness. She embodies trickery and passion. Autumn, love and illusions are her field.

The Morrigan is feared and respected as the Crow of Battle and the Raven Queen. She represents winter, war and death.

The Legions of Tarsis follow Altius, the High Father. They claim that he is the only true god, all powerful and creator of the universe. They seek to stamp out the religion of the tribes.


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